Specialized Products

  • Antistatic Transparent PVC Packaging Tubes (For Semi-Conductors and Connections)
  • Plastic Profile (Custom Made to Specification any Shape and Size)
  • Polypropylene Tubes (For Anti-Rust Packaging)
  • Medical Burettes (For I.V. Set)
  • Soft PVC End Plug (As Tube Stopper)
  • UPVC Door Panel (For HDB Toilet Door)
  • PVC Foaming Board (To Replace Wood)
  • UPVC Corrugated Sheet (Roofing)
  • PVC Pallets (For Forklift Usage and Storage)

Plastic Packaging
We specialize in producing extruded plastic tubing, including fully customizable protective packing tubes for your products (e.g. integrated circuits), plastic profiles, soft PVC end plugs, UPVC door panels, PVC foaming boards, and medical grade burettes and tubes.

Since early 1989, we began distributing UPVC door panels to the Singapore Housing Board (HDB). A Year later, we went into Medical Burettes (I.V. Set). Today, we are a major manufacturer and distributor of Integrated Circuit Packaging Tubes.


  • Extruder Machines for profiles
  • Extruder Machines for Medical purposes
  • Extruder Machines for door panels
  • Injection Machines
  • Tempo Printing Machines
  • Silkscreen Printing Machines
  • Punching Stamping Machines
  • Auto-Pin Inserting Machines
  • EDM Machines (For Tool and Die)
  • Wire Cut Machines (For Tool and Die)
  • Cleanroom Facilities Available

Most importantly, we have an In-House Moulding Department as well as a Tool & Die Department. This provides our customers with products of the highest quality while being extremely cost-efficient.